Friday, July 14, 2006

LONDON day 2

Day 2 started with a brisk walk across Hyde Park ( it's the size of a suburb) to meet Chris at Harrods. - opposite Harrods is the shop Queen Lizzie buys her knickers, however I doubt they look like the ones on the shop model!!haha). After a visit to the ladies powder room(very posh) and deciding we couldn't afford anything in Harrods we set off following our trusty guide again, this time by tube for the Tower of London.

If you go to the Tower of london, definitely wait around for one of the guided walks escorted by one of these Beefeater guys. They are all army officers ( this guy had served 22 years in Her Majesty's forces and had studied full time for 2 years with gruelling 100% passmark examinations to become one of these guys wearing fancy dress. It is a post he takes enormously seriously and there is Nothing he doesn't know about the Monarchy/ Tower of London/ British History, in fact probably anything. He delivers his spiel in a very entertaining and robust manner and makes the entry fee well worth the money. The insignia on his front stands for Elizabeth Regina II, so can only be worn while Elizabeth is monarch. I want to know what happens when she dies. Do they already have clothes made up for Charles (who by the way will be King George apparently), or is there some kind of interim wardrobe. ???mmm too timid to ask in front of the crowds..didn't want to seem ghoulish, like I was putting a death wish on the poor old duck - she is 80!!!!!!!!!!

Prisoners were brought up the River Thames under Tower Bridge through these gates -Traitor's Gates- for incarceration/beheading.

Cute little guard guy in his litle house....look how shiny his shoes are!!

Tower of London is fabulous! Loved it!!


Blogger CHRIS! said...

ahh tower of london, definately has to be one of the highlights of the london sightseeing expedition!

But ive seen all these photos, i was there! Show me the sights i am yet to see!



10:42 PM  
Blogger Jo the amazing traveller said...

they're coming! and while we're on the subject where are your sweden/denmark/world cup pics???mmmm??

xoxo mum

5:22 PM  

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