Sunday, April 19, 2009


Easter was a lovely relaxed few days with lots of spring (autumn) cleaning and some lovely family meals. On Easter Day, we all visited Andy together before sitting down to a yummy paella followed by a berry clafoutis- heheh. that's what the recipe's really just a pie :) however clafoutis sounds much fancier and harder to make!.. It's actually dead simple though.. and very yummy! Aunty Jenny provided a very nice bottle of sparkling Shiraz which we had no trouble knocking back. Megan checked her Easter parcel for what?? did she think it was a bomb??????
Tim looks bemused by the whole event:)
We spke to Chrissy on the speaker phone at the very respectable time of mid afternoon Aus time ...I think it was about 6.00am London time...opps sorry Chris!:) ..but it was soo good and such fun talking to him xoxo
SO that was our Easter Day..the chocolates are long gone:(


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