Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ping Pong

Ok - to set the scene for these pics: here's the story:
Saturday night we went to Danny and Margaret's for a barbie. There was another couple there we hadn't met before (Don and Lorraine) and it soon became obvious Danny and Margaret hadn't known them long either. So we were all getting to know each other over a few drinks and the conversations went something like this:
Don : " Have you guys ever done any skiiing?"
Danny: "water or snow?"
Don: "well either, we do both."
Danny" o yes I used to water ski all the time ..etc.etc.etc. "I learnt to waterski barefoot in 5 minutes. I never fell over."
Don:" O you must have been good if you could do that. Ever done any diving?"
Danny: " Yes I used to dive all the time.I used to dive with sharks in the deepest water ever etc etc"
Don : Me too.. Ever done any fishing?
Danny. yeah I used to fish all the time. I caught the beiggest fish ever.
Don: Me too
( There is some artisitic licence in the telling of this story, but basically it was a night of extreme chest beating and antler waving).
So after dinner Don says to Danny. O I see you've got a table tennis table- you obviously play. Danny explains he plays with Campbell(early 20's son)every night and that Campbell can't beat him - Danny's too good for him. So Don says: "O me and Lorraine play every night too-" we play for a's great..if I win I get a root: if Lorraine wins I get a root too".
OOOO..I simultaneously think - that is so funny but maybe too much info from someone I've known for 5 minutes!! haha"
Throughout all this posturing and posing Dad has been sitting quietly being his normal unassuming self and not saying much.
So then Don suggests a game with Danny. They play: Danny wins , Don is gracious in defeat. Then Danny plays Lorraine..Danny wins ..Lorraine is gracious and good humoured throughout. Then Don suggest Dad might like a game. So dad gets up, picks up the bat , has a few warm - up shots and it's like something out of Forrest Gump !!- hahhaa Dad's got every shot in the book!! Apparently he used to play a lot when he was a kid- Danny's jaw dropped to the floor- haha it was pure gold would have loved it!!
The pics don't do it justice..


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