Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One Year Ago - Warsaw -Home of Chopin

and scary statues..this one a monument to Chopin himself

On this day last year I was in Warsaw. Since I didn't blog it then, I'll take a trip down memory lane, and do it now!. Above is the super ugly "wedding cake" Palace of Culture ..a legacy of Stalin, I believe, and below the charm of the Old Market Square in the Old town. These buildings have all been recreated as the originals were of course bombed in WW II.
I love the old buildings, the old cobblestones and the old inhabitants!!!

In this building ( window bottom right hand corner), is a jewellry store much patronised by the members of our group. It was here I bought this amber necklace (below). While the girls shopped happily inside, the boys mooched and lolled outside.

the local polish cuisine - pierogis..a sort of little dumpling with various fillings. We had these for lunch along with a glass of mulled wine- it was so cold outside and these were fabulous for warming us up as was the mulled wine.


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