Monday, December 08, 2008

Tim's 23rd birthday- Kyushu

We decided to celebrate Tim's 23rd at a Japanese restaurant to get us in the mood for our forthcoming trip. I had heard Kyushu in Neutral Bay was good - I was not disappointed - the food was wonderful - fresh, delicious and prompt and the service magnificent.
We each ordered and shared Chinese style, except for Barry who was very happy with his seafood hotpot. - I thought the pot was cute! We ate our way through vast amounts of food and had to ask the kitchen to cancel the last plate of tempura, so we could fit in the birthday cake which Millie very kindly had made - a flourless chocolate cake - rich and gorgeous..The staff candled up the cake, added extra complimentary sparklers and presented it to Tim en masse and a whole bevy of little waiters came out and sang to him with enthusiasm and excitment.

It was a happy casual little birthday party and Kyushu is now my favourite restaurant du jour!


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