Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eastern Europe Reunion

We had an anniversary reunion of the Eastern European tour on the 6th May - old news I know, but I missed doing it, and it was such a good weekend, it definitely deserves blogging space.

Brissie Caroline came down on the Saturday and the Newcastle ppl came on Sunday..

Saturday Caroline and I went to lunch in Manly and walked around to Shelley beach, then took the ferry to Circular Quay and had drinks at the Opera Bar - standard tourist stuff, but always nice to do.

Saturday night, Margie Caroline and I went to Ramons for dinner - this turned into the most hilarious affair as Margie and I bagsed roles as bridesmaids in pink taffeta at Caroline's upcoming nuptuals. --the fact that Caroline had only met the groom - to - be for a matter of a 4 short hours seemed a trifling detail as we plotted and planned the wedding in minute and elaborate detail.

Sunday, the "Newcastle Six" jouneyed down by train and met us at the Lowenbrau for lunch and an afternoon of frivolity. These really are the nicest people you would hope to meet and we were so lucky to have such a nice fun set of travelling companions.
(if you hold your mouse over each pic, a caption will appear)

We have vowed to repeat the reunion in 6 months time - i hope we get around to it- we had so much fun!!!


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