Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Anuzzer Packeege est arrive!!!!!!!!!

Another package has arrived from France!!! Whoohoo.!! The DHL courier bloke was so proud as he delivered it with the words "I've got a package for Tim - it's his Rugby World Cup tickets." It was rather cute...he was so proud to be delivering such an exciting package but also very wistful!! I tried to console him by telling him that I too would be watching it on the tele.

Apparently according to Tim (it's all a bit complicated for me) if we lose to Wales in our pool match, then you'll neeed to swap thses tickets with an Englishman or a S. African for the next day's semi final 2 or if we lose the QF then you'll have to go watch the Poms v NZ or sell them to a Kiwi or something????. Sounds a bit chancy. Are we confident that we'll see the Wallabies in this semi???? hmmm..just found this on smh

""Playing Wales in Wales, we've already seen how difficult it is in the end-of-season tours. It's a huge advantage. Cardiff Arms [Millennium Stadium] with 80,000 people … it's massive. Anyone who goes there will have a tight game." ( John Connolly)

OOH excitement building!!


Anonymous Megs said...

Awww, consoling the DHL man.... cute!

6:00 PM  

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