Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow Monkeys in Japan

Back in September, Megan and I discovered a live web cam from Jigokudani - yaenkoen Park near Nagano in the mountains of Japan - home of the snow monkeys. We became quite monkey obsessed and checking on the monkeys became a daily ritual. Today, two and a half months later, I was checking the monkeys and waiting for Megan to appear in the picture. She had been attending a conference in Kyoto and had included the snow monkeys in her post conference sightseeing.
Here she is in a pink beanie - beautifuly coordinating with the pink faces of the monkeys!

In her words : "Entry to the monkey park $A 5. Cost of transport to the monkey park$250.... Seeing the monkeys..priceless!"

Also priceless..seeing your daughter visit the monkey park in Japan via live monkey cam from your home in Sydney.


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