Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watson's Bay _ Tour of Sydney - Part 1

Had a fun day out last Friday with Louise. I met her in town and we caught the ferry from Circular Quay up to Watson's Bay. On the way, we broke some sort of traversing town record, making it from the QVB to the Quay in 10 minutes.

When we got there, we hiked up to the naval Station and visited the Chapel where Dad and I were married 32 years ago. There were lots of lovely sailors walking around, but we were on strict instructions from Chubb Security at the gatehouse not to photograph ANYTHING except the Chapel. ( Btw --- wtf..Chubb Security..since when can not the Australian Navy defend itself????? I find this ALARMING!!!) Then it was back to the wharf, for Doyle's fish and chips in the park, followed by another hike up to the Gap and the lighthouse.

Then an exhilaring sprint down the hill to catch the ferry back to the quay and another hike around Sydney in search of coffee and via Customs House...which I had not previously realised is a public space. It has a very very cool glass floor under whicch is a diorama of Sydney.. ....very very cool!! - it's really really worth a look if you ever find yourself with 10 minutes to spare at Circular Quay.. - and there's very salubrious loos on the first floor!) Louise is an excellent tour guide and knows all manner of interesting information and fun spots to visit. We had coffee in the foyer of the Deutsche Bank building .. another find for me --it has very good coffee and an enormous foyer with a very long fountain affair..must remember this place .it will be an oasis of cool on a hot summer's day.

For me, it was then another hike up to Clarence St, and home on the bus. For Louise it was 2 hours bell ringing at St Phillips Church...and she walked into town from Darling Point ...the girl is a walking machine!!

Fun day:)


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32 years!!!!

bloody hell

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