Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Kyoto Station - Somewhere around midnight

As a codicil to the previous post, I should post these pics of us becoming acquainted with Astro Boy, Kimba and an unknown super heroine on our first sightseeing foray out of the hotel about midnight on the night we arrived.

We were all soo excited - Astro Boy was a dearly loved family favourite cartoon when the children were about 20 years younger than they are now. It seemed a quintessential iconic exciting and satisfying welcome prepared especially for us and an amazing coincidence to be be the very first "sight" we came across.

I don't know who is the girl that Tim is flirting with. I'd be careful if I were him - her bloke doesn't look too impressed.

We also discovered that Japan has an infatuation with France - and they make some very good french pastries! We stumbled across this extremely pretty Paris light show.


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