Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cradle Mountain

We went our separate ways after brekky - Megs Tim and Malin, to Launceston, and Barry and I to Cradle Mountain, via Stanley. The weather was hideous and so windy in Stanley I could scarcely stand, so after a very short windblown adventure to photograph the lighthouse, we continued on past the gorgeous green rolling paddocks full of sheep and spring cute.

until the terrain changed and we started climbing past pine forests until we arrived at the wilderness area at Cradle Mountain.

The weather was cold -very, but the air bracing, fresh, clean and crisp and felt wonderful..and afforded me the chance to at last break out the North Face:)which I had been dying to have an opportunity to wear!!
I was particularly alarmed as we checked in, to hear there was no tv /dvd/in our room and that there was no Optus phone coverage..I nearly panicked..whatever would we do for 3 days!!,

I neeedn't have worried... I certainly didn't miss it for a much to do

The lodge, from our cabin window..just on dusk..and later...


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