Thursday, November 12, 2009


25 classic moments from Sesame Street.

Here is the link.;page=9;page=1

If you have time to spare, this is terrific and will make you laugh!!! I watched and smiled

and got to thinking how I can measure the stages of my adult life in morning programs...The Sesame Street and Playschool years were characterised by joy and fun with a house full of small children. Silly skits and silly jingles guaranteed to make kids AND adults smile. Next followed the Andrew Olle years. These were the school years. Andrew Olle was the morning presenter on our local ABC radio. Every morning at approx 9.00am he would cross to a journalist in Canberra for a morning chat about things governmental. When the theme music came on for the segment I knew it was time to get the kids in the car for a speedy dash to school. Sadly, Andrew Ollie died early and unexpectedly. Sydney mourned as did I. Currently I seem to be in the Sky News Years!!...What can I say?? I obviously need a life!!! Sesame Street was way better and far more entertaining:)


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