Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Took a short - very ( 8 hour-) trip to Brisbane on Sunday to see my family. Had to get up @ 4.30 to catch 6.00am flight to Bris. ( The plus to this was, it made me realize that 6.00am flights are not fun, and since I was intending to book an el cheapo 6.00am trip to London the next day, this was enough of a forewarning for me to realise that getting up at 2.00 am to catch that flight would not be fun, and it would be well worth my while to pay an extra $100 and get a civilized 6.00pm flight instead).

Tony picked me up at the airport @ 7.00am, and took me on a scenic trip through Bris to their home in Mt Garavatt. The poinciana trees were blooming all over Brisbane - Ros and Tony have a beautiful one in their front yard - I'd forgotten how glorious they are.) Ros and Rhys were there (Chloe on holiday trip to Noosa with boyfriend). .. Mum and Sue arrived an hour later. They, being them, arrived with enough food to feed a small country for a week. We ate and talked non stop all day. Sandy came over to join the fun at midday. - It was so nice to have all the QLD family from both sides there together.


Anonymous Megs said...

It looks like Tony and Sue are on a soccer team, and Sue has just kicked a winning goal so the team are going in for a group hug in the middle of the field (lawn). How the imagination wanders when one is at work!!!!! x

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

great shots mum.

All you girls look great! Tony on the other hand, where did you find that shirt.....

Very jealous, glad you had a good time!

10:56 PM  
Anonymous said...


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