Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art and Culture Week

Sydney has been having it's 17th biennale of art, these last couple of months.-

Louise and I went on Tuesday to Cockatoo Island, which housed the main video installation and sculpture display. It was a fun day out.. although the art was somewhat strange.

I really enjoyed Cockatoo Island -- it's very industrial and edgy with cool underground tunnels used as bomb shelters in the war, and grim convict cells used for solitary confinement. - The historical side of the island really needs it's own excursion, so that will be another day - for now - here is some of what we saw:
exploding cars,
Replica Hubble telescopes:and strange green colender mobiles.
Cool underground tunnels and ancient cranes( not sure if the flag is "art" or not?).

We came home on the ferry via Pier 2 and walked around under the bridge..


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