Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Birthday Holiday

A beautiful sunny day

is perfect for a bit of a walk( 6 kms) and a spot of at home tourism.

Our route: Mosman Wharf to Shell Cove via Cremorne Point..

We ambled along, stopped on the way to see the lighthouse, watched some boys fishing, ogled at the homes of the rich, and finished up with lunch @ Mosman Wharf.

Last night was the start of the socceroos World Cup campaign. The news when I woke this morning, was a 4-nil drubbing to the Germans. This little fan was undaunted,still wearing the colours with pride this morning .


Anonymous Megs said...

I like it how dad is standing right in front of a "keep clear" sign... That's right, you better be careful, this man is DANGEROUS!!! hehe. Love the pic of the boy bending over to fix his fishing line xo

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Megs again said...

ps - keep clear sign is in the first pic of this blogpost

1:42 PM  

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