Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Davidson- Roseville Bridge.

Walk Stats: 10kms.
Difficulty: Moderate - Not an easy track and much scrambling over rocks.

The walking campaign continues with vigour.

This last Sunday we became very ambitious and set out to tackle Davidson to the Roseville Bridge- a distance of 10 kilometres.

It was tougher than we thought. The track is not so much a bushwalking track as a rock climbing,scrambling track and the first 5 kilometres went very slowly as we scrambled over wet mossy rocks slippery from the rain. At one stage I got Dad to sit down on a log with the creek behind him, so I could take a photo. 2 seconds later, the log snapped and he turtled onto his back with his legs in the air inches from the creek. And what did I do??? I put the camera in my pocket and rushed to help him and check his wellbeing. Note to self: Seize a photo op when it happens!!! :)

Lunchbreak in the middle of the creek:

It's August..the wattle is just coming out:)

Eventually... Roseville Bridge came into sight..and Megs and Christopher rescued us!!:)


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