Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fuller's Bridge to Mowbray Park

Walk stats: 4 kms
Difficulty: Easy

Only a short walk today.. an easy 4 kilometres with a lunch stop in the middle.
We took along the new sticks to give them a try..
(Yes since we are now bushwalkers, we thought we needed the proper accoutrements - and we certainly could have put them to good use on our last walk - it was rugged - well to our beginner standards anyway!)

The walk wasn't very nice scenically, being mangrovey,gloomy and depressing and sort of opressive down beside the river. I was reminded vividly of the Bogle Chandler murders and discovered when I got home and did some research, this WAS the exact spot their bodies were found. As we we walked we intermittently passed humps of something covered with black plastic. I was afraid WE were going to find our own set of bodies along the way. However things improved further into the walk, and there was a very convenient lunch stop along the way.
The river itself was a deep deep green and quite pretty once we had climbed to the ridge above and could look down at it. The bush was also a more familar and happy type! (although a bit daunting to realize at one stage,the only sign of civilisation we could see was the chimney of the crematorium poking above the treeline.(click on the pic..u can see it straight ahead)..quite spooky ...but I suppose these things have to be somewhere.

At the end of the walk, was the weir I fell in 20 years ago while rescuing Megan's white thongs!! This time it had a very prominent warning sign(maybe I wasn't the only one to fall in over the years!) and I rather think there must have been a whole lot more water back then! This time I negotiated the weir with no mishaps :)
So all in all, I'm glad to tick this little walk off, but I wouldn't probably put it high on the list of places to take visiting tourists!


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