Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday/Australia Day

Had a terrific birthday, but on review of the pics, it seems to be far more about Australia Day:-).

Had a good convo with Chris on skype, got lots of fbook msgs and phonecalls, cards and prezzies..Megs won the prize for creative, pertinent stylish wrapping!

We had Yum Cha lunch @ Phoenix,..we being me and Baz, Megs and Christopher, Tim and Millie..although there is no photographic evidence of the event, except the dumplings.

After lunch Baz and I spent the afternoon on Lizzie's balcony celebrating both my birthday and Australia Day. It was a fun afternoon perched up there drinking our champers with all the Aussie Day accoutrements, and watching the beach and the world go by.

Thank you for a wonderful day, family and Lizzie:-)

Returned home in time to see the tennis -semifinal b'n Rog and Rafa -- Rafa won.


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