Thursday, September 14, 2006

KRAKOW (cont)

The courtyard of the Royal Castle.

Coincidentally and much to everyone's surprise ( including the tour guide) the Pope was also visiting Krakow. (possibly why there were so many tourists in the cathedral while we were there).The entire country was decked out in yellow and white flags..every little cottage in the country had a flag and a poster of the pope in their front windows..their faith and enthusiasm was very touching so we joined the throngs on the side of the road, waved our flags and waited....the popemobile zoomed past at about the speed of light and we had a nanosecond to be impressed - so was all really a big non event, but the krakovians seemed happy about it all!

Security detail

Caroline Joan and Joe waiting for the Pope.

The pope arrives!!!
I have to confess that the popemobile zoomed past so fast I missed the photo and had to take this pic off the flag I was waving!!!!
Still I thought it looked sort of blurry like it could have been the real thing behind the glass of his popemobile..hahahah


Blogger plommonkakan said...

Did you like Krakow? Would it be worth visiting even if the popes not around?
Ive always wanted to go - been told its a nice and lively little town. (Yet probably bigger than my hometown...)
Talking about that, not a single word about Sweden on your sons blog yet! Please tell me Im not the only one waiting!!

12:54 AM  
Blogger CHRIS! said...

oh bloody hell, maybe its cos im too busing cooking you dinner and being the breadwinner!

watch out or ill post that bad one of you at kroken,,,,,,you know the one im talking about.

hi mum!

1:53 AM  
Blogger plommonkakan said...

Wait wait wait... YOU cooking ME dinner?? You mean that one time last week??

Haha, you know Im kidding. And also that Im still waiting...
(And that I have baaaad photos of you too!)

3:48 AM  
Blogger Jo the amazing traveller said...

Probably better to visit Krakow when the pope's not there! -not so many people and not so many rules (see my next blog). We were lucky to be staying right in the main town on the banks of the river and
just a 5 minute walk to the main square, so was great for walking around. I liked Krakow much better than Warsaw. The city is full of quirky stories too. There's a real live trumpeter who plays a bugle from the top of StMary's church every hour...This has been going on since the 1400's I think. I find that amazing..remember our country and therefore our oldest buildings are only 200 years old.

In the continued absence of any blogs on Sweden, I googled Upppsala. It looks gorgeous- I'm very fond of cathedrals, -yours looks fabulous,..will have to put it on my list of places to visit!

Cheers, have fun in Dublin

10:09 AM  
Blogger Jo the amazing traveller said...

ps...oops..too many p's haha

10:22 AM  

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