Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It was like a war zone here this afternoon.

A bushfire erupted between Davidson and Killara and specifically threatened homes in Albany St, Killara( address of the Changs - I'm not certain if their house was under attack or not, but it must have been mighty close). Two water choppers were filling up somewhere near the Cascades and flying directly over our driveway for about 3 hours. The whole house shook every time they flew over. There was a great thump-thump-shudder and noise just before they emerged from the valley and over the front of our house. As they went past, the house shook and the chair I was sitting on vibrated. It felt like a war!!

Here is the professional account from smh.:

Choppers fight Sydney north shore blaze

January 13, 2009 - 4:34PM

A bushfire on Sydney's north shore is threatening homes in a suburban area.

Firefighters rushed to bushland between East Killara and Davidson about 2pm (AEDT) on Tuesday following reports of a blaze, fire authorities said.

Five trucks from the NSW Fire Brigades and six Rural Fire Service (RFS) tankers and their crews were battling the inferno in the area described as a gully.

The RFS also called in two water-bombing helicopters, including an air crane.

More than 200 square metres have already burned and the fire was quickly working its way up a hill, an RFS spokesman said.

At least three houses in Albany Crescent, at East Killara, were under threat, but RFS firefighters have positioned themselves and a fire truck between the homes and the blaze and were attempting to control the fire.