Friday, April 27, 2012

Anzac Day Parade

A few shots from the Parade:

Starting with the Police bikie gang , ( and if you look closely, a sousaphone)

Next came the regular taxis each carrying a digger - the crowd loves them and they love the crowd - they're mostly sozzled by now (9.00am) - sitting in the front seats of their cabs with their stubbies - I know -I chatted to some of them while they were waiting for the parade to start.

And it wouldn't be a parade without the pipes and drums..ooooh yes, I'm loving this!!:-)

Then a bit of Navy bandness:

Then some jeeps carrying the brave:

Some cadets carrying the banners of the First World War - obviously no WW1 diggers are left, and soon there will be no ww2 vets left either:

Next some Navy brass file past the cenotaph:

Then ...drumroll drumroll drumroll... The Millenium Marching Band.. Here we are falling about laughing. WTF are they wearing? Who do they think they are? HP?... Megs is dead glad she's not with them now!!

Lots more bands come and go, lots more sailors come ..and go

At this stage ( about 11.00 and still not sign of the army or airforce, we decided to call it a day -rather tired having not been to bed, so started making our way up George St to Town hall station. .. - a few random things seen along the way:

Cute kids with their rosemary and medals, more interested in play than parades.

A Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel: ( big big cheers for him)

lots more bands, but
I'll leave with these guys.- Anzac Day is all about them, and I salute them with kisses and thanks


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