Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A movie, a stroll around the harbour and noodles

We went to see Hugo pre the Oscars as it was much hyped with nominations. Having recently returned from Paris, I was in looove with the cinematography. Barry,not having recently returned from Paris,was not so much, although he did appreciate that this is a visually stunningly beautiful film. Plot may have been a little slow.
We went to our favourite cinema -the Orph.

The plot, in case you don't know, is the story of Hugo Cabret, an orphan living in the walls of the Gare du Nord and maintaining the station's clocks. There a are a lot of images much like this!

We followed the movie with a stroll around the harbour @ Kirribilli. We saw the Radiance of the Seas leaving the Overseas Passenger Terminal and executing a nice 3 point turn in front of the Opera House!

and had a bit of a squiz at Luna Park..well the gates, anyway.

We finished the day meeting Tim and Millie and Megs at Ryo's Noodles for dinner. This place is famous with the asian community..There are apparently always queues all the way down the street. T & M queued for us for half an hour..we swanned up for the last 10 mins.

Fortuneately, Tim knew what to order!


Anonymous Megs said...

Cool pic outside the noodle house. Looks like we're on holidays in asia >_<

9:08 PM  

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