Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Another concert

This time, a girlie night out with Joan, to sit on the lawn at the zoo and see Marina Prior -- last seen in Phantom of the Opera a million years ago.. We were too late to see the animals..except this lonely male Asian elephant..- I took this, then as soon as I had returned to sit in the queue, a security guard walked past and the elephant blew a huge dust cloud of dirt all over him from it's trunk. I was so glad it hadn't done that to me, and so sorry I missed that shot!!!

The concert was strange, very brief, and the sound was very peculiar.. way too loud and tinny, but the evening reinforced my knowledge that the animals have the best views in Sydney. Do you think they appreciate them? Do you think they look at the sun setting each night behind the Harbour Bridge and feel privileged? Anyway it's lovely.. gives the zoo that unmistakable Sydney feel!:-)


Anonymous Megs said...

Harbour Bridge @ sunset shot = very nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Good one! :)

9:10 PM  

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