Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Started with church ..the midnight sung eucharist at St Lukes. ..a lovely service with many elements of the traditional Anglican service, including choir complete with robes and a return to the older version of the Lord's Prayer complete with trespasses...so much nicer than sins I feel..hehehe.. Tim took his first communion with
great aplomb like he'd been doing it every Sunday forever.!!

These obligatory xmas day pics were taken just before lunch...the present giving had a distinct clothes theme to it, with Andrew receiving pictured polo shirt (with nice peach coloured horse hidden in the pic)., Dad receiving both shirt and pants he's wearing and Megan receiving the dress she's wearing..so here we all are dressed in our glad rags just before lunch.Tim is showcasing his "Handsome Tim's beer" that his mates gave him a case of for his 21st.


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